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Furukuma Jinja

The account includes political chicanery, a wrathful ghost, and the transformation of a man into a kami, or Shinto divinity.

The story of Sugawara no Michizane and his youngest son Fukube represent a big part of the spirit of Furukuma Jinja, an unassuming little Shinto shrine nestled away in the Furukuma neighborhood of Yamaguchi City. Unassuming though it may be now, Furukuma Jinja has a fascinating history going right back to Yamaguchi’s origins as the “Kyoto of the West”—a center of culture that once rivaled what was then Japan’s refined capital.

Uncover the shrine’s hidden features—some really hidden and others just hidden in plain sight. Along the way, find out how an envoy from Ming China ended up in Yamaguchi; meet the family that has been taking care of the shrine for 40 generations; and discover what makes Furukuma Jinja unique among the 10,000-plus shrine’s that share its principal kami. Breathe in the poetry of this spiritual space as you explore its subtle charms.

Most importantly, get one step closer to understanding Japan by discovering the purity and sincerity at the foundation of this centuries-old Shinto shrine.

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  • Duration: 48 minutes
  • Location: Furukuma Shrine, Yamaguchi City
  • Entrance fee: None
  • Hours: Anytime during daylight hours
  • Walking difficulty: Easy to moderate (includes some stairs and uneven ground; walking shoes recommended)

Preview: Furukuma Jinja

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