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Get to know a place,
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Go Beyond the Surface.

Focus on Japan

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Guided audio walks that enrich the experience of traveling in Japan by revealing its fascinating history and culture, taking you beneath the surface of what you see.

Quality Audio

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Professionally produced sound track for an enjoyable, immersive walking experience—like stepping inside a documentary film.

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Use your own iOS or Android device to enjoy the walk on your time. See “behind the scenes” photos of things you can’t see in person. GPS-enabled maps—just in case.


Preview: Furukuma Jinja

Furukuma Jinja (Yamaguchi City)

Furukuma Shrine

The account includes political chicanery, a wrathful ghost, and the transformation of a man into a kami, or Shinto divinity.

The story of Sugawara no Michizane and his youngest son Fukube represent a big part of the spirit of Furukuma Jinja, an unassuming little Shinto shrine nestled away in… [read more]

  • Duration: 48 minutes
  • Location: Furukuma Shrine, Yamaguchi City

Preview: Rurikoji

Rurikōji Temple & Kōzan Park (Yamaguchi City)


“Warriors serve with the bow and sword, not with the pick and shovel.”

Those words, spoken over 600 years ago, set in motion a bloodstained event that eventually led to the construction of the graceful pagoda that now stands in Yamaguchi’s Kōzan Park, adjacent to Rurikōji Temple… [read more]

  • Duration: 62minutes
  • Location: Rurikōji Temple and Kōzan Park, Yamaguchi City

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